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Why a Private Money Loan???
Verdeo Capital Group finance’s a variety of projects, typically lending up to 65% Loan to Value. These loans are very situational and also very flexible so there is wiggle room if the deal makes sense.

Projects We Fund:

  • Purchase / Acquisition (No restrictions or limits on properties owned)
  • Construction / Construction Completion
  • Refinance (No seasoning or Cash-Out Limitations)
  • Renovation / Rehab / Fix & Flips
  • Residential / Small Commercial / Multi-Family / Mixed Use

Can’t qualify for a bank loan, due to:

  • Tax Liens
  • Poor Credit
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Other liens


Quick Tips to maximize your likelihood of approval for a private money loan:

  1. The higher the credit score, the better (credit doesn’t always matter but it helps)
  2. The more credit history you have, the better
  3. The more equity in the property after the loan, the better
  4. The more populated the area, the better
  5. The more solid the appraisal value, the better. Current is the key word. Over 45 days is usually not acceptable
  6. The faster properties in the area sell, the better
  7. The more liquid assets that you have or have guaranteed access to, the better. Such as, lines of credit, partners or other assets that may be used for cross col lateralization, the better