Verdeo Capital Launches New Redesigned Website

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Granite Bay, California– Verdeo Capital Group, a Granite Bay private lending company, is launching a new website to enhance the experience to their customers.

The new site will take the next step in educating its existing and future customers about its products and services; as well as how to best utilize a hard money lender.  The new site will allow clients to submit loan inquiries online and receive a personal response within hours.

Shad Long, Chief Investment Officer indicates that “Over the last several years we have funded a quarter of a billion dollars of real estate loans – we need to ensure that we maintain our technology platform as we scale our operation.”

Private money lending plays a pivotal role for individual borrowers who may have difficulty with conventional lending institutions.  In the current economic climate where lower credit scores, short sales and tightened underwriting requirements are a reality; Private mortgage lenders are working with real estate investors, rehabbers, and with new construction projects more frequently.

On paper, private money lending costs more than conventional loans but there are significantly fewer requirements to get in and out without the red tape, and because Verdeo Capital is agile – decisions can be made very quickly.  Cary Long states that “In as little as 7 days, Verdeo Capital Group can fund your project and record title so that you can take possession of the property.”

The updated website will allow mortgage borrowers, real estate investors, mortgage brokers and real estate agents fast access to inquiry forms, product details, lending requirements and frequently asked questions to determine if their unique situation is appropriate for their circumstance.